2018 Baking Winners

The PA State Baking Contest tests the skills of individuals who enter either an Apple Pie, Chocolates Cake, Angel Food Cake, and for the youths, a Cookie, Brownie, or Bar Cookie. The winner of each category is eligible to enter their recipe at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in 2019.

Homemade Chocolate Cake 
1st - Barbara Pollock 
2nd - Blake White 
3rd - Kate Givans   

PA Preferred Junior Baking Cookies, Brownies & Bars 
1st - Julia McDonnell 
2nd - Kyle Rasmussen 
3rd - Alexandra Baird   

Blue Ribbon Apple Pie 
1st - Paige Ganti 
2nd - Robert O'Brien 
3rd - Julia McDonnell   

Angel Food Cake 
1st - Cindy Wallace 
2nd – Kathy Francis 
3rd – Julia McDonnell 

State Baking Contest Pictures.jpg